Ms Bastasic's Classroom

Patterns and Relationships




Oct 29

Patterns Intro

  • Dot problem
  • Different types of patterns (sequences, pictorial, word problems)
Complete the 2nd page of your Patterning packet!
Oct 30


  • Most common types of sequence patterns (one operation, two operations, perfect squares)
Work on “Crossword” puzzles
Oct 31

Patterns and Tables of Values

  • Review of input/output machines!
Work on “Crossword” puzzles and last page of packet (whatever you didn’t finish in class)
Nov 1

Variables and Substitution

  • Why do we use variables in math? (Lesson)
  • Worksheet to get comfortable substituting a number for a known variable (i.e. if you know x = 3 you should be able to substitute 3 in place of the x in 6x or x + 2 or 12/x in order to evaluate the expression)
Substituting Variables worksheet
Nov 2

Translating a Verbal Phrase into an Algebraic Expression (and vice versa)

  • In order to come up with rules using a general term (n) we need to know how to write the rule as an algebraic expression! Today, we are just translating algebra words and vice versa. You should become comfortable stating a rule as “twice the term number plus 2” or as “2n + 2”
Algebraic Expressions Worksheet (back page of Substituting Variables worksheet)
Nov 5

Ontario Skills Presentation

Nov 6

Finding the General Term of a Sequence

  • Input/Output machine analogy
  • Input/Output Table worksheet
Practice using algebraic expressions to describe the rules found in sequences and tables of values (Handout sec 4.3)
Nov 7

Translating Algebraic Expressions Kahoot

Nov 8

Translating Algebraic Expressions Quiz

  • We need more practice with this! Make sure you are keeping up with the work (and getting it checked by me!)
Nov 9

Using Algebraic Expressions to Describe Patterning Rules

  • More practice in the textbook (while I’m away).
You can practice this here!
Nov 12

Solving Patterning Problems

Nov 13

High School Course Exploration (Career Month)

Nov 14

Using Scatterplots to Represent Patterns


Nov 15

Using Scatterplots to Represent Patterns Cont’d

Nov 16

PD Day