Ms Bastasic's Classroom

Angles and Triangles




Dec 18

What do we know? Review from Grade 7 Geometry

  • Review types of triangles, how to label angles and 3 types of angles (acute, obtuse, right)
  • Supplementary, Complementary, and Opposite Angle Theorems
Booklet pg 7-8
Dec 19

Angle Theorems

  • Supplementary, Complementary, and Opposite Angle Theorems
Please complete whatever was not finished in class for homework! Pg 9 in booklet should be complete!
Dec 20

Parallel Line Theorems

  • Alternate angles (Z pattern), Corresponding angles (F pattern), and Co-interior angles (C pattern)
Complete pg 10 in booklet
Dec 21

Christmas Logic Problems

Dec 24 – Jan 4th

Christmas Break!

No homework- take an actual break 🙂
Jan 7

Review of concepts taught before the break

  • Angle theorems
Make sure your booklet is complete up to (and including) page 10
Jan 8

Angle Relationships in Triangles

  • Angle Sum Triangle Theorem, Isosceles Triangle Theorem, Equilateral Triangles
Complete pg 13 in booklet
Jan 9

Work Period

  • Complete pg 14-15 in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz
  • Today’s Kahoot can be found here
Extra practice questions here and here

Jan 10

Angles Quiz

  • Quiz on all angle and triangle theorems
Jan 11

The Pythagorean Theorem Day 1

Jan 14

The Pythagorean Theorem Day 2

Jan 15

Pythagorean Theorem Activity

Jan 16

Pythagorean Theorem Activity

Jan 17

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz