Ms Bastasic’s Classroom

Measurement of 2D Figures




Nov 23

What do we know?

  • Review of perimeter and area
Try word problems involving area of rectangles
Nov 26

Perimeter and Area of Squares and Rectangles

  • Word problems
  • Many students did NOT complete any questions over the weekend. Please remember to do your homework!!
Nov 27

Take Up Patterning Test

  • Re-test next Thursday (December 6th) ONLY available to those who have completed the graphing/word problem booklet and have made all test corrections.

Take up Area of Rectangles worksheet

Nov 28


  • Area and perimeter of parallelograms
  • The difference between the formulas A=lw and A=bh
Complete the first 5 questions on “classwork” sheet.
Nov 29

Parallelograms Word Problems

  • Continue parallelograms worksheet
Attempt questions on the “homework” handout that we can take up on Monday!
Nov 30

Girls and Boys Activity Day!

  • No regular classes are scheduled today
Dec 3

Practice finding the area of Parallelograms

Dec 4

Practice finding the area of Triangles

Dec 5

Take up work from when I was away!

  • Answers will also be posted at the back of the classroom
Dec 6

Area of a Trapezoid

Re-test moved to FRIDAY!

Dec 7

Composite Shapes

Re-test (Patterning and Algebra)

Dec 10

Composite Shapes

Dec 11

Measurement Activity

Dec 12

Measurement Activity

Dec 13

Measurement Activity

Dec 14

Measurement Review

Dec 17

Measurement Test