Ms Bastasic's Classroom

Measurement of 2D Figures




Nov 23

What do we know?

  • Review of perimeter and area
Try word problems involving area of rectangles
Nov 26

Perimeter and Area of Squares and Rectangles

  • Word problems
  • Many students did NOT complete any questions over the weekend. Please remember to do your homework!!
Nov 27

Take Up Patterning Test

  • Re-test next Thursday (December 6th) ONLY available to those who have completed the graphing/word problem booklet and have made all test corrections.

Take up Area of Rectangles worksheet

Nov 28


  • Area and perimeter of parallelograms
  • The difference between the formulas A=lw and A=bh
Complete the first 5 questions on “classwork” sheet.
Nov 29

Parallelograms Word Problems

  • Continue parallelograms worksheet
Attempt questions on the “homework” handout that we can take up on Monday!
Nov 30

Girls and Boys Activity Day!

  • No regular classes are scheduled today
Dec 3

Practice finding the area of Parallelograms

Dec 4

Practice finding the area of Triangles

Dec 5

Take up work from when I was away!

  • Answers will also be posted at the back of the classroom
Dec 6

Area of a Trapezoid

Re-test moved to FRIDAY!

Dec 7

Composite Shapes

Re-test (Patterning and Algebra)

Dec 10

Measurement Activity

Dec 11

Measurement Activity

Dec 12

Measurement Activity

Dec 13

Composite Shapes

Dec 14

Measurement Review

Homework answers
Composite Shapes worksheet
Dec 17

Measurement Test