Ms Bastasic's Classroom

Factors and Exponents




Sept 4

First Day of Class!

  • Classroom Expectations
  • Introductions
Sept 5

Problem Solving Tasks

Get course outline signed by a parent/guardian!
Sept 6

Factors and GCF

Factors worksheet
Sept 7

Multiples and LCM

Multiples worksheet
Sept 10

GCF and LCM Word Problems

Finish homework questions on handout!
Sept 11

More GCF and LCM Word Problems

Complete the first 4 questions on the worksheet
Sept 12

Quiz on Factors and Multiples!

Know how to:
  1. Define the word “factor”
  2. Find the factors of a given number
  3. Find the Greatest Common Factor
  4. Define the word “multiple”
  5. Find the Lowest Common Multiple
Sept 13

Take up Quiz

Exploring the Divisibility Rules

Finish questions on Notes/handout
Sept 14

Divisibility Rules (with substitute)

2 Divisibility Rules worksheets (if not done in class!)
Sept 17

Divisibility Rules Competition!

Catch-up day! Make sure all work is complete and binder is organized.
Sept 18

Prime Numbers

Try the “practice” section of the handout!
Sept 19

Prime Numbers Cont’d

Sept 20

Quiz on GCF and LCM word problems and divisibility rules!

Sept 21

Set up Prodigy Accounts (as well as Mathify if there’s time!)

Sept 24


Sept 25


Try these review problems!
Sept 26

Word Problems

Sept 27

Terry Fox Run

Oct 1


Oct 2

Square Roots

Try these review problems!
Oct 3

Order of Operations Day 1

Finish any questions not completed in class from the handout (page 1, page 2).
Oct 4

Order of Operations Day 2

Try these review problems!
Oct 9

Order of Operations Day 3

Make sure ALL work (assigned with substitute teachers last week) is completed and checked!

You can borrow a textbook if you did not finish the problems: pg 28 #5-8, 10-13, 17, 18, 21

Oct 10

Order of Operations Mobile Project

Make sure to get your equations checked by me before you start your good copy!

Step 1: Create your equation (based on your assigned number)!
Oct 11

Order of Operations Mobile Project

Step 2: Create your mobile!
Oct 12

Order of Operations Mobile Project

Finish mobiles! Last day to submit: MONDAY!
Oct 15

Order of Operations Mobile Project DUE TODAY


Start new chapter: Rates and Ratios

Read page 1 in “Rates and Ratios” Booklet